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10 Best Free Note Taking Apps

We can all acknowledge the importance of putting down our thoughts and transcribing them to words on paper, or in this case digital notes. Either way, it is a proven method to help in streamlining the events and schedules contained in our hectic lives. Let’s talk about the 10 Best Free Note Taking Apps.

Imagine working with a digital note app on your device, you could say it’s similar to having your assistant with you wherever you go. 

The concept of note note-taking journaling has also been identified to be helpful, especially in cases of individuals with anxiety and other social disorders, to aid them to manage stress and establish an environment where free and unprejudiced expression of self is made possible. 

Benefits of Note-taking

The benefits of dipping oneself in the flow that is note taking cannot be overemphasized and we would love to take a quick dive.

In a classroom setting, for instance, taking notes appropriately can be effective in enhancing listening and comprehension skills, as you would become accustomed to absorbing information from multiple sources; auditory/communication input, and penned-down output. In such a situation, one certainly develops an extra focused and attentive aptitude while learning. 

Note-taking is an extremely healthy activity for keeping oneself occupied. It is calm, peaceful, and void of unwanted external disruptions.

10 Best Free Note-Taking Apps

In this post, we will be exploring a few must-try note-taking apps, with their accessibility at no cost.

  • Nebo

10 Best Free Note Taking Apps

If you’re looking for a note-taking app suitable for simple note-taking, then this is the perfect tool for you. It has a free version as well as a paid pro version to access even more features and prospects.

The Nebo free version offers different pen sizes, paper types, and a ring of colors to choose from. It also supports the importation of your device photos.

  • MetaMoji Note Lite

10 Best Free Note Taking Apps

Operational on both Android and iOS, this software has a clean and simple-looking interface. With a function for titling and assignment of passwords to specific works, it features a variety of cover pages and page type selections, proposing a diversity in projects and notes appearance.

You can easily add and resize images using this app. The MetaMoji note app also offers a very useful lasso tool, to give an additional organized visual. 

  • Notes Writer

10 Best Free Note Taking Apps

This note-taking app is your go-to if you’re looking for ease of use and conventionality. It is great for taking quick notes. Notes writer is useful for sketching simple diagrams and it possesses a lasso tool. The highlighting feature has a bonus ability to color in those sketches without overlapping the outlines of the drawings.

  • Samsung Notes

10 Best Free Note Taking Apps

Samsung Notes is a free note-taking app for Samsung devices. It proffers organizational qualities as it has provision for both folders and subfolders. It allows screen sharing with apps and a feature for selecting and dropping texts or images from a screen-shared web browser. The Samsung Notes app has a text tool with the ability to convert a bunch of free hand-written words to compact text. You can import, highlight and annotate pdfs using the Samsung notes writing app. This is one of the 10 Best Free Note Taking Apps.

  • Colla Note

This is an aesthetic free note-taking app that offers a variety of appealing templates for organizing different kinds of events, including calendars and to-do lists, etc. It has the option of switching from light mode to dark mode. Colla Note allows you to select different thickness levels for the pencil and highlighting tool.

The lasso tool can be used to duplicate, resize, and recolor objects. In addition to creating and filling in perfect shapes, colla note permits the insertion of images, texts, and stickers.

  • Kilonotes

This iOS-designated note-taking app has a range of customization for its features, such as book covers, and pen types, and has a typing tool. It also allows the insertion of images.

  • OneNote

With a string of great reviews, this app has been highly recommended for note-taking and random scribbles. The Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking app developed by Microsoft.  Its impressive features improve the organization of works as it allows for the creation of folders. OneNote is supported on Windows, IOS, and Android devices.

It has a vast array of features that makes creating random shapes, tables, and detailed structures super fast and easy. Also, it includes graph shapes that are helpful for mathematical problems. It is among the note-taking apps that support audio recordings, addition, and modification of images, as well as the importation of files and documents. It contains a board for selecting a ton of color hues, different pen types, and highlighters.

Onenotes has a lasso tool selection which is a selective editor that captures and fits entities such as words that don’t contain within specific shapes like the rectangle or oval. You can also split the screen with different apps.

  • Concepts

This note-taking app is flawless in making diagrams and mind mapping. It offers a huge diversity of colors for writing and functions for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Evernote 

Evernote is characterized by its traditional, safe, and secure style. With a technical appearance, it has a complexity of icon pop-ups on its dashboard, and templates for notes. 

Its capability to manage an account on multiple devices is top-notch.

  • Simple Note

As its name suggests, is a very simple note-taking app that can connect a user and update works on different devices. It has a powerful feature for restoring previously modified versions of work. It is good for coordinating and organizing tasks or events.


In note-taking, there is no right or wrong, there’s just writing. We encourage consistent writing, and sharing your thoughts with yourself and you are welcome to do the same with others. You can level up your note-taking skills and grow your creativity with any of these free note-taking apps.

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