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15 Interesting Websites You Should Know

Appealing and enigmatic content can be subjective from one individual to the next, and so it may be difficult at times to cater to the needs and interests of a diversity of people.  Nevertheless, if you’ve been searching for sources to satiate your wildest curiosities, look no further. Here are the 15 Interesting Websites You Should Know.

Whether it be sites containing the most peculiar of concepts, or for entertainment purposes, this post has got you covered.

What Makes Them ‘’Interesting’’?

Ever wondered what a website that is non-conforming and different from the everyday platforms looks like? I believe it would have a specialty in keeping a user hooked and back for more. It would embrace the range of emotions and imaginations we humans are capable of.

15 Interesting Websites You Should Know

Here are some interesting and engaging websites you should take note of:

This website provides information on gadgets and services needed for literally solving any kind of problem. It contains a large depot of resources for embarking on all natures of activities including gaming, sports, recreational, indoor, and outdoor activities. Coolthings is a website that covers what you’d love to know about everything you love.

Ok, this online magazine puts in the work to do their research. It features factual content on a range of topics including language, culture, history, entertainment, biological forms, world news, etc. Head on over if you’ve always wanted to know the reason why peaches are fuzzy!

If you’ve previously come across the Onion, it might have left you speculating why they would choose such a label.  Besides its name, the American media company has been identified for its uniqueness in delivering content with unbridled confidence and indications of sarcasm. Their approach to news casting and writing, you could say, is in a different league and has cemented them as one of America’s finest news sources.

HowStuffWorks has been a reliable source of information because of its scientific and realistic method of inferencing. It dares to answer and solve the trickiest of challenges while communicating well-informed insights into the details of societal discoveries.

With an orientation to serve as a connection platform, it is a website that helps to bridge the gap between individuals that share the same wavelengths on specific interests or passions and establish a network of like-minded communities. 

Founded by Matthew Inman in 2009, this website publishes amusing and very witty animated comics. The website is therapeutic for relieving boredom and it has additional categories that include enticing games, books, and quizzes. Its use of a simple art style creates stories that induce a nostalgic feeling. 

HackerTyper was launched to form a sense of inclusivity for persons who wish they could be real pro-hackers. The website has an interface greatly typical to that of an actual hacking system. They are generous enough to help stage a cypher parody using a bunch of codes and encryption. It even has a disclaimer stating that it will never actually hack into anyone’s personal property or cause damage to an individual. This website prepares a stand to portray the perfect cyber prank.

The landing page would direct you to useless websites that feature the most pointless of tasks and challenges, like clicking an endless stream of checkboxes. It is great for pastimes and should interest you if you’re just…bored.

This website collects information from other media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, republishes as quality memes, and optimizes them for enjoyable and unsaddled consumption. They also highlight stories about entrepreneurs and the path to the creation of their products and services.

Giphy is an online space for discovering fascinating stickers, GIFs, and short video clips. It is a website for displaying all kinds of animated reactions. You can create an account with them to upload and save your GIFs, and all for free too!

In the genre of online puzzle video games, it is safe to say this is one of the best. Wordle is a mind-boggling, yet simple word game that has won the hearts of thousands of players. The general objective of the web-based game is to solve problems by constructing a maze of intertwined word guesses. It is the ideal platform for testing and elevating one’s intellect.

This web game uses data from scopes of geography to create tests based on environmental and regional factors. In GeoGuessr, players are positioned in a virtual view of arbitrary and often unfamiliar surroundings and are required to deduce where they are located. Next time you feel like changing cities and experiencing a different scenery, just click on their page.

An interesting one that lets you improve on cuisine techniques and recipe development.  Supercook is a website intended for exploring diversified cooking practices. It allows you to search for recipes containing the most trivial of ingredients remaining in your storage. This culinary helper is here to add value to you and your kitchen.

You can become the perfect illustrator using this free website. By selecting a keyword, several templates are provided and you can customize available illustrations by editing different features to suit your taste. Modifying properties of objects in a drawing such as a change of shoe color, or hair type, and even down to actions is made possible with Blush. You can also download your project as an image or illustration.

This website helps you learn what programs your favorite websites operate on, like their fonts, plugins, and so on. It is a highly convenient tool for recreating similar websites of interest.

This website allows you to generate a custom and unique link to your Instagram profile by just entering your username, it is free and completely easy to use without stress and it does not steal or make use of any of your details. This is one of the 15 Interesting Websites You Should Know.

With any device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a personal computer, having an internet connection, you can easily access any of these 15 interesting websites and if you found them cool, you could even leave them a comment or review.


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