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3 Features of Motorola Bendy Phone

Motorola just shocked the world at the Lenovo Tech World 2023 event with its latest smartphone device; the Motorola Bendy Phone has impressive features, especially the feature of a bending “wrist” phone. This smartphone can be bent and rolled like a band or a flexible elastic. This post will explain the 3 Features of the Motorola Bendy Phone.

History of Motorola

Motorola is owned by Lenovo, a Chinese technology company specializing in designing and manufacturing consumer electronics devices. Motorola, formerly owned by Google, was acquired by Lenovo on the 30th of October, 2014, for $6.91.

Since then, Motorola, under the control of Lenovo, has been producing great devices, especially smartphones from the Moto G7 Plus and Moto G9 to the newly released Motorola Bendy Phone with immense capabilities, which we will be talking about today.

3 Features of Motorola Bendy Phone

  • Ability to Bend

As in the name, Motorola Bendy Phone,  this device can bend and take any shape depending on the user’s wants. It also has an adaptive feature that allows the screen to adjust to any form you’ve bent it into as a user. 

You can use this device as a standard phone or worn around your wrist as a folded phone; its bending and adjustable folding capabilities are limitless. The device can take its stand like a bipod, giving you a hands-free experience as a user. 

Motorola bendy phone around wrist

  • Inbuilt Generative AI

Another fun feature of the Motorola Bendy phone, first released in 2016, is its in-built generative Artificial Intelligence called Moto AI, which allows users to customize the device to what they want in just a few clicks.

In the 2023 demonstration of the device at the Lenovo Tech World 2023, the device was demonstrated with an example of the presenter’s dress; with just a picture of her dress, she was able to create a pattern for her wallpaper with the generative AI, the pattern which matches her dress looks nicer when she wore the device on her wrist.

The Motorola bendy phone isn’t just improving your experience, but it’s improving your fashion sense, too, lol.

  • Screen Quality

You might be wondering how the device screen can adjust to the bendy nature of the phone without suffering any cracks or damage. I am not the engineer, but here is a few explanation of the screen quality and feature of the Motorola Bendy phone.

The device contains a full HD+pOLED display, which can be bent and adjusted to different shapes and forms depending on the user’s needs. This means the screen uses a 2,220 by 1080 pixel plastic OLED screen.

This makes the screen flexible and allows it to adapt to any shape. The types of screens used to make the Motorola Bendy Phone are thinner, lighter, and more durable than those of other devices with glass-based displays. This makes them more energy-efficient and cost-effective.


The possibilities of the Motorola Bendy Phone are wild. They would steal the market as soon as they launch this product, as the current phone is still a concept. The launch date for this device is still unknown, and it might eventually not be launched into the market.


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