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5 Best AI Content Moderators

Artificial Intelligence Content Moderators (AICMs) are algorithms that have been trained to analyze, identify, categorize, and moderate content that exists in specific formats such as text, audio, video, and images, using Artificial Intelligence (AI). In today’s blog post, we will be exploring the 5 Best AI Content Moderators.

AICMs are used by individuals and organizations to regulate and remove User Generated Contents (UGC) that violate the laid down terms and conditions of engagement respective to their brand.

Listed below, in no particular order of preference or ranking, are the 5 best AI content moderators that can be used to moderate content across a wide range of platforms and applications.

While some of these applications can be used for free, it is important to note that more advanced features might be restricted to paid subscribers only, therefore you must conduct your research to get a better insight.

5 Best AI Content Moderators

  • Google Cloud Vision:

Google cloud vision is a popular AI content detector used for identifying and filtering inappropriate, explicit, or potentially offensive content. 

Due to its reliability, it has been widely adopted for use on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Google Photos, amongst many others, to create a safer and more inclusive online environment.

Google Cloud Vision offers different services that enable you to either train your own custom video or image models or access its pre-trained models through its Application Programming Interface (API) integration.

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  • Azure Content Moderator:

Azure Content Moderator is a Microsoft-powered Cloud service used for moderating textual, video, and image content. It tracks and flags contents that contain profanity in any of the supported languages, potentially derogatory or discriminatory expressions, sensitive data, misspelled words, and other custom terms added by the user.

Azure Content Moderator enables organizations to enforce adherence to regulations that require them to remove inappropriate content through its automatic text, image, and video analysis.

It is also used to restrict user-generated content that may seem to promote competitor brands to protect brand image.

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  • ClarifAI:

Clarifai is another cloud-based AI content moderator that delivers top-notch content moderation services. Boasting of statistics such as a 97.14% decrease in moderator team size, 90% reduction in moderation hours, and over 70% reduction in time spent posting user-generated content, its patronage by 

International brands such as Wattpad, P&G, Trivago, and lots more come as no surprise at all. It is capable of monitoring and flagging:

  • user-generated textual content such as social media posts, customer reviews, etc. for inappropriate content. 
  • Images and videos that contain prohibited, potentially derogatory, racist, sexist remarks, and more.
  • Audio such as podcasts, voice calls, voice notes, and more, that contain profanities and other offensive language.

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  • Hive:

Hive is one of the best AI content moderators currently. Capable of moderating user-generated content (UGC) in multiple formats such as images, audio, text, gif, webp, and even live stream, it is easy to understand why top UGC-intensive platforms like Quora, Reddit, Audiomack, and many more, entrust Hive with their content moderation.

Hive’s moderation solution easily identifies and filters content containing profanity, hate speech, violence, adult content, cyberbullying, personally identifiable information(PII), and spam, with an outstanding 99% accuracy.

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  • Web Purify:

Webpurify offers a hybrid solution of Automated Image Moderation (AIM) technology reinforced by a team of highly trained human moderators, which ultimately delivers a near-perfect content moderation experience.

Leveraging over 10 years of experience in content moderation, Webpurify prides itself as the most trusted name in the business. Its AI technology seamlessly detects and removes textual, image, or video content that negatively portrays nudity, drugs, weapons, alcohol, offensive language, etc. with precision.

In addition to its pre-trained AI model, it allows a custom block and allow list, Email, phone, and URL filters, and also provides extensive support for 14 other languages besides the English language at the time of writing this article. Thus making it a widespread preference for non-English speaking brands and their audiences.

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Due to technological advancement, the world is currently witnessing a rise in online user participation, resulting in an exponential increase in user-generated content. This has created an open market for more AI content moderators to come into play. Therefore, the above list is non-exhaustive as it will not always stay true in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Hence, it is highly recommended that further research is carried out to ascertain what options align best with your specific needs.

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