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5 Best Websites to Get Free SVG Icons

Scalable Vector Graphics (shortly referred to as SVG) is a standard graphics file format that aids two-dimensional images on a webpage or app. This vector graphics format works best with logos, icons, illustrations, animations, and also data visualization. In this article, we will be talking about the 5 Best Websites to Get Free SVG Icons, which are growing in popularity among web designers and web developers. This is due to their adaptability and ability to be quickly altered without sacrificing quality.

Additionally, these icons are perfect for use on webpages, apps, and software. In this article, we will look at 5 websites where you can get SVG icons for free.

1. Flaticon

5 Best Websites to get Free SVG Icons

With over four million free icons, Flaticon is one of the world’s largest free icon resource websites. One amazing advantage of Flaticon is that its icons are well organized and categorized to assist users in searching for them.

To download an SVG icon from Flaticon, simply go to the website ( and search for the icon you are looking for, choose the format you want, and then download it.

2. SVG Repo

5 Best Websites to get Free SVG Icons

SVG Repo is one of the most popular and top-ranking ‘Go-To’ websites for developers and designers in search of SVG.

It has over four hundred thousand icons and illustrations to fit your website. These icons and illustrations are neatly categorized and easy to search for on their website.

To download an SVG icon from SVG Repo, simply go to the website ( and search for the icon you are looking for, choose the format you want, and then download it.

3. Icons8

Icons8 is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a wide variety of unique icons with simple search filters and a ton of category options, but there are a few drawbacks.

Simply scrolling the website will reveal enormous collections of thousands of SVG icons. You may further refine your search results using searches by images, styles, and a plethora of other criteria.

SVGs may even be animated, which is a fantastic way to add some life to your website design.

Icons8 has the drawback that even though you can use all of its icons for free, you must link back to Icons8 unless you subscribe to a premium plan. For these many alternatives, however, it would very well be worthwhile.

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4. Bootstraps Icon

If you are looking for Icons specifically for web development purposes, Bootstrap is the number one place to turn to.

Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework that aids web developers in building and designing a web app.

Bootstrap allows you to install and work with its icons directly in your project using npm. One key advantage of Bootstrap is that it is user-friendly. Whether you are tech-savvy or not, you can easily use Bootstrap.

5. Reshot

Reshot has a vast library of icons that you could possibly choose from. With over forty thousand royalty-free icons, Reshot is a ‘Go-To’ place for icons.

To get an Icon on Reshot, simply click on the search menu bar and type in the icon you want.

One amazing thing about Reshot is that, if you don’t get the SVG you are looking for, it will suggest a better keyword that could help your search.


In summary, SVG icons are wonderful tools for web developers and designers. Although I highlighted only five websites, there are lots of websites where you can download SVG icons for little or no cost at all.

Others include; remix icons, Heroicons, Freepik, Boxicons, etc. You can explore any of these websites in case you don’t see the icon you want.

Also worthy of note, as a developer or designer, it is important to read through the license and privacy rights of these websites before making use of the free icons. In that way, you will be sure not to violate any copyright, patent right or trademark regulations.




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