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5 Easiest Tech Skills to Learn

Over the years technology has gradually taken over all professions and careers. In this 21st century, we do everything online and virtually. Tech skills have always been and will always be in high demand. Since 2020, there has been a massive increase in the number of people learning tech skills and working remotely. In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 Easiest Tech Skills to Learn

When exploring the idea of technology, you will find out that it is very broad and wide because there are a lot of directions, branches, and careers to venture into.

Men and women in tech never get tired of learning new skills as it will also be smart to consider the most required skill for future purposes. To be on track and to be competitive in the technology era, it is not enough to dwell in one specific area, entry-level applicants need to outshine their competitors in one talent or the other by standing out.

Learning a new tech skill provides a great opportunity for your professional career because the market is competitive.   So, if you are looking to add another skill to your portfolio, here are 5 easiest skills to learn;

1) Product Management

This is one of the easiest tech skills to learn as it has been recorded to have an increase in demand over the years. Product management is the process of planning, developing, launching, and managing a product or service, including a product’s entire lifestyle. A Product manager helps to conduct research, develop, strategize, communicate plans, coordinate development, and act on feedback.
Product management is a good tech career that involves research, development, strategizing, communicating plans, coordinating the development, and acting on feedbacker for individuals who are interested in organization, overseeing communication and planning. This tech skill is easy to learn and will be very valuable to you as an additional career in your profession. You can learn about product or project management by taking online courses on Udemy, RadicalX, Coursera, etc. This is one of the 5 Easiest Tech Skills to Learn.

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2) Cybersecurity

This skill is the foundation that protects a computer system and network from attack by strange or unknown individuals. It also deals with protecting and keeping sensitive data belonging to a company or its customers. Cybersecurity has the most significant challenge in the world because of its complex information systems.

A career in cybersecurity will let you know how your data is being protected online, how the full structure of websites works, and how to prevent and reduce the risks of cyber-attacks. The average salary of a Security Engineer is about $103,763 and the demand for cybersecurity analysts is not competitive, there are still about 2.7 million unfilled positions for Cybersecurity.

There are lots of career opportunities in Cybersecurity, which include, Information Security Analyst, Cryptographer, Security Engineer, Network Security, Application Security, Information Security, Operational Security, Disaster Recover, Business Continuity End-User Education, and a lot more

3) Data Science & Analysis

These two tech skills are generally called Big Data and they are in high demand. Industries like manufacturing and banking rely on and invest in Big Data. What are Data Science and Data Analysis?
Data Science deals with scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems used to extract structured and unstructured data while Data Analysis is the process of drawing out and analyzing meaningful raw data which are used to inform and drive smart business decisions.

Data analysis has been used to solve specific problems and challenges as a form of business intelligence. It is typically easier than data science because it doesn’t require advanced programming skills or advanced math.

The average salary for a data scientist is about $83,094 and that of a data analyst is about $62,365. You can learn about Big Data by taking online courses on Coursera, edX, and Udemy.

4) Video Editing

Video editing is no longer the way it used to be back in the day. In 2022, video editing and motion graphics have been used to promote products and services. In the tech industry, video editing has paved the way for other industries. It serves different purposes like marketing, employee training, client onboarding, presentation, etc.

Video editing or motion graphics has gotten as advanced as any tech career could ever be, an average video editor earns about $49,560. You can learn about video editing and motion graphics on Coursera and Udemy.

5) CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Solution)

CRM is a technical skill that helps to manage all the company’s relationships and interactions with customers. CRMs help an organization’s relationship with individual people, the system gives sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, and marketing a better way to manage the external interactions that drive success. CRMs help you find new customers and help win their business. They make up all communication like fill forms, texts, calls, and emails. They have also been used to replace spreadsheets, databases, and apps to track data.

If you are looking forward to learning a new tech skill, you should consider starting with one of these. They give you the foundational structures of what tech careers are based on. You can also consider learning;
– Graphic Design
– WordPress Web Design
– Programming
– UI/UX Design
These skills are very easy to learn and the simplest in the 5 Easiest Tech Skills to Learn.

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