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5 Incredible and Well-Paid Professions in Tech

Technology has become one of the quickest-growing careers in the world. There are lots of merits attached to a career in technology which includes high regular payment and having a totally different technology career in several places like fast startups, innovative technical school firms, and tiny IT departments. Some careers in tech allow you to earn up to $250,000 to $500,000 after you have acquired certain years of experience in your chosen field. In this article, we shall discuss the 5 incredible and well-paid professions in tech;

1)  Artificial Intelligence Engineer

National Average Salary: $161,222
Artificial Intelligence Engineering is adapting human intelligence in machines using programming to make them reason like humans and reproduce their actions. They work with firms and different organizations and get new and innovative ways of implementing this artificial intelligence into their daily operations. They also develop, investigate and troubleshoot unseen results or bugs within an AI system.
An artificial intelligence engineer should possess good math and statistics skills and also have a knowledge of programming languages like Python and R. They should also understand machine learning and Natural Language Processing.
The average salary for an artificial intelligence engineer is between $110,000 to $161,222 annually.

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2) Software Engineering Manager

National average salary: $134,755
Software Engineering Management is an administrative tech role that involves senior software engineers overseeing, managing, and guiding the work of other junior software engineers in the development of frameworks, software, and applications.
They are also responsible for the maintenance, audit, fixing, and optimization of computer software within a particular timeframe to make sure that the program is working as it should be.
A software engineering manager needs many years of experience and must be skilled and well developed in programming and other related roles and skills like leadership, management, and MBA preferably.
The national average salary for a software engineering manager in the US ranges between $87,845 for junior software engineer managers and $134,755 for senior software engineer managers.

3) Cloud Engineers

National average salary: $132,667
Cloud engineering is the application of engineering strategies to cloud computing. A Cloud engineer may establish and integrate public and personal cloud computing services and solutions that facilitate an organization’s operation with a larger potency and security. As a cloud engineer, you may also troubleshoot some applications and programs whenever cloud-based platforms develop problems for users.
Cloud engineering brings a scientific approach to cloud computing applications’ exploitation, standardization, and governance. It also leverages the ways and the tools of engineering in conceiving, developing, operating, and maintaining cloud computing systems and solutions.
The average salary for a cloud engineer is around $120,712 to $132,667 per year.

4) Development Operations Manager

National average salary: $120,755 annually
Development operation managers are accountable for managing and optimizing structural development for software development and IT operations. The development operations manager combines and automates product development and IT operations. They also help in the deployment, development, and network operations of software or application.
A DevOps manager should possess programming skills in PHP, Python, and Ruby. They should also know how to run networks on systems like Git or Jenkins.
The average salary for a DevOps manager is around $95,000 to $120,755 per year. This is one of the the 5 incredible and well-paid professions in tech.

5) Web Developer

National average salary: $100,800 annually
Web development is also a programming tech skill that requires a very huge amount of coding knowledge and it is one of the easiest and most free-to-learn tech skills. Web developers mainly produce and maintain websites, they’re additionally accountable for the site’s technical aspects, like its performance and capability,
Some web developers usually use programming languages like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and JavaScript and any general programing language within their disposal, while some web developers who do not possess any coding knowledge use no-code tools like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Click here if you need a course on Web Dvelopment
The average salary of a web developer in the US ranges from $78,300 to $100,800 per year.


What is the highest-paid job in tech?
Artificial Intelligence Engineering. This job has high demand with over $161,222 average annual earnings and it is also a great career path in technology.

What are the easiest high-paying tech jobs?
– Data Analyst
– Product Management
– Video Editing

Which 5 jobs have highest salary?
– Medical Professions
– Machine Learning Engineers
– Product Managers
– Development Operations managers
– Cloud Engineers

You can start out by learning some of these skills online without any physical instructors. You can also take courses on Udemy, edx and Cousera.



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