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5 Most Useless Programming Languages

Programmers are strategic thinkers that bring ideas to life and they also give solutions to digital and physical problems through coding. They solve problems with the use of different programming languages which are also called “markup languages” such as HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and many more. Programmers give instructions to the computer to perform a task because they are the source or origin that creates all software.

Before we learn about the 5 most useless programming languages, there are some vital things you must note that being a programmer is far beyond writing codes, there are a lot of qualities you must possess before becoming a programmer.

Here are the 3 traits you must possess as a programmer;

1: Consistency

Being consistent as a programmer is one of the important traits you must possess. To improve your programming skills, you need to dedicate yourself and focus on your daily schedule. The more you code, the more you learn new things.

2: Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning or thinking is also a great trait you must have as a programmer. When building up an application or any product, such as a website or SaaS, it is necessary to think strategically before and while creating it in order to avoid mistakes or errors. This requires a specific trait.

3: Learning

As a programmer, you must have the trait of learning new things, keep updating yourself, and gain more experience in the programming world. The world is evolving and there is constant change in technological advancement, frameworks, and libraries. For you to be successful as a programmer you must be ready to learn new concepts as they are being updated to maintain your code base with the updated library.

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Here are the 5 most useless programming languages.

1: Whitespace

This is one of the useless programming languages that use spaces and line breaks.

Edwin Brady and Chris Morris at the University of Durham created this programming language in April 2003.

This character enables you to format your code and it also gives clarity to yourself or people who want to read your code. Unlike other programming languages, Whitespace codes can be very difficult to read, understand and debug. It also lacks many features and functionalities, such as loops, variables, and conditional statements.

2: Chef

Opscode, a software technology company, founded and developed Chef, a programming language.

The Chef programming language was released as a technological tool used for developing cookbooks through the help of code packages called Recipes. Chef helps in decreasing the act of repetition of tasks for infrastructure management. It was built based on Rubby DSL language which gave it the ability to be able to create a domain-specific language.

The reason why some programmers consider chef as the most useless programming language is that chef programs are not easy to understand especially if you are not familiar with Rubby.

3: Malbolge

Malbolge is a programming language invented by Ben Olmasted in 1998. This programming language was designed to be intentionally difficult and complex for programmers to use.

It doesn’t belong to any development purpose; it is being learned by those who find interest in it or by hackers.

According to some programmers, it is not advisable to start with Malbolge if you are a beginner in programming. Even the founder of Malbolge which is Ben Olmasted didn’t write a program through it until two years after it was founded.

Malbolge is difficult to read and maintain because it is not commonly used in the programming industry, and there are few resources about it online, just like Whitespace.

4: Unlambda

This is a functional programming language created by David Madore in 2003. It stands as a combinatory logic between two families of languages. This language is notable and popular for its minimal syntaxes, and it only consists of 6 commands.

Here are the 3 Unlambda distributions in a Programming languages

– Meta – notation

– Number 1/0

– Palindrome

To start using Unlambda, you need to know or be familiar with the Unlambda distribution listed above.

This programming language is not suitable for real-life programming tasks and it is also hard to learn due to its minimal syntax and the use of lambda calculus.

5: Piet

This programming language is in form of abstract art and its programs are just like abstract painting. David Morgan-Mar created this language in 2004. He named it after the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, who used geometric shapes and colors to create images.

Piet uses 20 different colors, and one can also call it a language made of many colors.. Piet yields to command whenever a programmer changes its color. While using Piet you have to be extraordinarily careful with the use of colors.

Just like every other programming language mentioned in this blog post, Piet is very difficult to learn. It is not suitable for most programming tasks, difficult to read and maintain, has limited community support, and has a limited practical use


Generally, there are thousands of programming languages programmers use to write codes. We hope this blog post will help and give you an understanding of whatyou should know as a programmer.


Do hackers use Malbolge?


Since the programming language doesn’t belong to any development purpose. It’s mostly by use by people who develop an interest in it or hackers.

What is Chef and why it is used?

Chef is a programming language that transforms infrastructure into codes. Opscode founded and developed it, giving it the ability to develop a domain-specific language. People use it to decrease the act of repetition of tasks for infrastructure management.





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