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7 Best Photo Selling Apps to Make Money

Increase your earnings and make money off your passion for photography by using these 7 Best Photo Selling Apps to Make Money. Are you a seasoned photographer or an aspiring one? I know getting that perfect shot is all it takes to make your day. But making money off your passion can be a cruelling challenge especially now, when anyone with a smartphone can call themselves a photographer. Success in every field involves discovering your niche and building a solid customer base.

Let’s explore some amazing apps that let you sell your photos for cash. In addition, these apps provide you with a platform to market your pictures in their marketplaces. 

7 Best Photo Selling Apps to Make Money

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a big photo-selling app and an amazing platform for starters. it offers over 180 million photos, vectors, and clips. All photo enthusiasts are welcome to join Shutterstock. Since its launch, the micro-stock site has paid out about $1 billion to its esteemed contributors. Usually, the payment is between 15-40 percent of the sale, so it doesn’t pay much, but it’s a good place if you’re starting.

Through Shutterstock’s affiliate program, you can also refer your friends to make that precious extra income. This is the best out of the 7 Best Photo Selling Apps to Make Money

2. Foap

This is another great photo-selling and marketing app for photo enthusiasts. It is available for iOS and Android devices, and its reviews are astonishingly positive. After signing up, the app lets you upload and sell your digital photos on it vast Marketplace. Foap’s has an approval process and it is based on member ratings, in a nutshell, you must rate five user photo submissions every time you upload a photo.

To get your photos accepted, you will need positive ratings from other users. To start your money-making journey using Foap, download the app and create an account. You can then upload photos or take them directly using the app. Each picture needs to have a minimum resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. Unlike the other apps discussed so far, this app splits the profit with you 50/50.

3. Stockimo

This is an outstanding photo marketplace for many marketing agencies, small businesses, and large corporations to buy photos for their websites and campaigns. The Stockimo app lets you earn a commission for selling photos, Many up-comers utilize this platform, and the best part is, the app allows you to retain the copyright to your work.

The community rates the images, and you must have a score of at least 2 to sell your photo. The only drawback of the Stockimo app is that you will only receive a 20 percent commission rate from each sale.

4. 500px

If you’re looking for a relatively flexible stock photo app while also broadening your horizon, the 500px app can just be the right choice for you. This amazing app offers a free plan with limited but nice features. With over 13 million members, the free version allows you to use their photo marketplace without a hassle; however, the drawback is, you can only upload seven images a week.

However, if you plan on exploring the complete package, the app offers three different paid plans that allow unlimited uploads and customizations. While the free version may be limiting, it may be best for enthusiastic beginners. This is one of the 7 Best Photo Selling Apps to Make Money

5. StudioNow

StudioNow, this incredible app allows you to make money selling photos. However, unlike most stock photo sites, this app is challenge-based and is very strict on photo quality. With 200k+ users, the app lets you submit digital images according to the buyer’s requirements.

Amazingly though, StudioNow pays you 50 percent of any photo sold through its marketplace or your profile. In addition, you can make extra money through requests or challenges.

6. ScoopShot

ScoopShot is another photo-selling app. However, this app takes photo-selling to a whole new dimension and thus differentiates it from every other app on this list. This captivating app runs a daily photo contest that rewards its many talented users. However, the feature that makes ScoopShot stand out is that it allows you to set your prices.

This great feature put power back into the artist’s hands as you can weigh the effort you put into taking the photographs and charge the price you feel each photo is truly worth. Companies can search for pictures by name, location, or genre. To sell faster, you must provide your location, experience, and a portfolio of at least nine recently taken photos.

7. Dreamstime

The Dreamstime app is a great platform, especially for photographers who want to retain the copyright to their work. With a 25-50% revenue share, contributors can earn a reasonable payment for their artistic expressions. In addition, they can sell exclusivity rights for an image and get an additional 10% bonus for even better earning options.

These exclusive rights can range from 1-3 years, and photographers also have the option if they so desire to sell the complete rights to their photos. And if you join as an Exclusive Contributor and sell photos exclusively on Dreamstime, the revenue share increases to 60%. Dreamstime requires a minimum balance of $100 in earnings to be paid. But still, the higher payout makes this app worth exploring and a great option to sell photos online.


Whether you’re an aspiring or a professional photographer, knowing the right places to sell photos online to make extra money is important. Fortunately, this is easier than ever in the digital age. These stock photography platforms allow you to make money while pursuing your passion. All you have to do is to find the best fit for you.

You can turn your photo skills into a profitable business with persistence and a unique eye for capturing special moments.


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