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5 Best Parental Control Apps for Mac

As much as it is a responsibility to provide and cater to the needs of our children, it is an even greater responsibility to take steps to ensure that harm to their intellect is avoided. One of those steps would be to employ a system to guide and secure their viewing arrangement; creating an environment where there is a selective nature to the absorption of content from media sources. Here are 5 efficient parental control apps for Mac, established to curb the potential risk of corruption to the underaged society.

5 Best Parental Control Apps for Mac

This application is easily one of the best parental control tools for Mac Computers of today. On their website, they give answers to frequently asked questions, assisting to make proper decisions regarding subscription options.  The Qustodio app comprises a basic plan and a complete plan. The basic plan offers the primary tools needed for protection. It includes features such as web filtering, monitoring of location, apps, and games blocking, daily time limits, and internet pausing.

On the other hand, the complete package comes with an additional set of features including calls and messages monitoring, custom alerts, and game & app time limits. They offer the best plan for the family, as your resources as well as theirs combined to maximize the benefits of using their platform. The app has a modern and cool user interface where you are guaranteed to enjoy a smooth user experience.

With $5 a month, you can be assured of your child’s digital safety.

Dubbed the #1 Rated Internet Filter, this parental control app is a highly rated adult content blocker. It protects young internet users from dangerous content using Artificial Intelligence. As a product developed by the SafeToNet company, its features provide services such as internet filtering, pornography block, screen time management, and a web & app blocker. In addition to providing solutions to internet harm, it also protects and respects the privacy rights of the child.

Net Nanny filters explicit content throughout the most used social media apps and websites, Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok. It also works on internet browsers and other popular websites, protecting the user from seeing content related to drugs, gambling, pornography, and more.

Net Nanny offers various payment plans with the lowest at $399 per year

Launched in 2008, Mobicip is a monitoring tool that has been trusted by millions of parent users over the years. It offers reliable features like social media monitoring, screen time scheduling, to encourage healthy screen usage, a family locator, website and app blocker, activity summary, and an opportunity for collaboration.

Mobicip allows you to blacklist inappropriate content across top browsers and choose only the things you want your kids to see. It also has location tracking, browsing history sync, and screen-time scheduling. This parental control app is compatible with various devices, including Android, Windows, iOS, and more. This is one of the best parental control apps for Mac.

With a 30-day refund guarantee, it fosters safe growth in a family setting and at a pocket-friendly rate too. Secure your peace of mind and that of your child at a cheap cost. 

Created by Wondershare Inc, this tool is a great app for safeguarding children’s online and offline activities. They equip parents with resourceful materials to support improving the safety of the family’s digital engagements. Their subscription forms are conveniently categorized into monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. It offers an array of customizable features for managing content and screen time. It can detect explicit content, block apps, and inappropriate media, YouTube App control, live location, location history, etc.  FamiSafe does an excellent job of keeping the family safe.

Canopy is one of the best parental control apps for detecting and blocking pornographic and explicit content while using websites. The app provides custom URL, app, and category blocking that allows you to include websites or apps to a block list by simply adding the URL or name of the app you would like to block. It also features an anti-tampering system where children will not be able to deactivate Canopy without their parent’s consent.

Also, it has a scheduled device downtime, sexting prevention, and setting notifications for specific locations. Their services being available to all age groups, including support for the older generations, is highly commendable. This is one of the best parental control apps for Mac.


While these apps are unique to their respective establishments, there is a general approach when getting started with your childcare journey. These steps are summarized below:

  1. Registering with the platform by creating an account on their website 
  2. Doing research and deciding on the best suitable plan option 
  3. Downloading the parental control app 
  4. Commence with the customization of parental control features
  5. Synchronization of children’s devices in the case of multiple devices.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of including and prioritizing the protection of the minds of the younger generations. Although we as a society might have similar perceptions. It is understandable to still have preferences when it comes to choosing the perfect fit for ourselves. These five parental control apps offer proficient services and maintain high standards in parenting and control.

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