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Best Podcast Website Examples in 2023

Podcasts are a trend in the media world lately. Lots of people from various fields or professions have started podcasts to either discuss matters relating to their field or unrelated topics entirely. Podcasts are great and we’ll give you the Best Podcast Website Examples in 2023.

The beauty of this new trend is that it is not streamlined to celebrities alone or On-Air Personalities (OAP); rather, anyone with the necessary types of equipment needed can start a podcast.

However, starting a podcast isn’t an easy thing to do. It requires quality content, good research, and a nice setup with attractive aesthetics.

Equipment Needed to Start a Podcast

1. A Computer (Windows or Mac)

You’ll need a great computer or laptop with enough storage space to store and broadcast your audio podcast. A Windows or Mac OS works just fine and you can check for other specifications too. Here are a few laptops you should check

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2. USB Microphone

A USB microphone will give great audio quality and will allow your microphone to be connected to your laptop with a USB port to allow fast and easy audio streaming. Here are a few USB laptops you can buy for under $50;

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  • Studio Quality Headphones
  • Microphone Stand
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Pop Filter

If you are contemplating starting a podcast, I have highlighted 8 Best Podcast Website Examples in 2023 for you in this article.

1. Podbean

Created in 2006, Podbean is one of the oldest podcast websites on the World Wide Web. With nearly 20 years of service, this podcast website has a record of nearly a million podcasters on its platform. Podbean is easy to use and that makes it user-friendly.

The website has some very remarkable features that make it stand out for its users. With Podbean, you can easily read and interpret analytics of your podcasts such as downloads per time or day, trends, listeners’ demography, etc. It also allows listeners and guests to call-in should in case they want to join the conversation.

Podbean is available for free and allows you to share your podcasts across various social media platforms.

2. Friday Habit

Aside from being user-friendly, this website has enticing branding which makes it straightforward for users to navigate to podcasts easily. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, Friday Habit is a good podcast to help grow your business and hey, it is Free.

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3. Buzzsprout

Another podcast website to explore is Buzzsprout. This website takes analytics a bit more advanced by enabling podcasters to track the number of people who downloaded their podcast episodes, their location (region or country), and how their shows are being accessed.

With your content on Buzzsprout, people can listen to your podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Alexa, Castro, Podchaser, and lots more.

Buzzsprout offers monthly subscriptions from $12-$24 per month. However, you can use Buzzsprout for free and still enjoy a good number of benefits.

4. The NewsWorthy

Well, the name says it all, News! This podcast is all about News. You might find some off-related podcasts here also but the central focus is news.

It is pretty much straightforward and can be boring for some listeners. So if you like to stay up-to-date with news around the world, you should make this podcast your best friend.

Like the other podcasts listed, Newsworthy has a paid plan but it is also available for free.


This podcast website has an interface that is easy to use, and it also offers podcasters a more comprehensive analytic tool such as scheduling episodes for effective planning.

Another stand-out feature of RSS is that it has a donation button. This is quite helpful for fundraising in addition to sponsorships and advertising. The only downside here is that RSS is not free. However, it has a friendly plan for students and NGOs.

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6. Captivate

If you are a beginner looking to start up a podcast, this is the perfect platform to choose. This podcast platform will help you garner an audience by spreading your podcast content on some major podcast directories. It also gives you the option to earn some money off your privatized podcast.

It has unlimited storage and courses to help teach and guide you on how to run a successful podcast show. Captivate has a 7-day free trial after which users will have to choose any of their subscription plans.

7. Libsyn

Similar to Podbean, this is equally one of the oldest podcast platforms on the internet. Created in 2004, it is a great place for new podcasters and podcasts with short episodes. One downside of this podcast is that it limits your uploads and bandwidths. This is not something you will fancy if you have a large storage of content or lots of listeners.

To increase your bandwidth, you will have to pay for a bigger package. This podcast platform is for smaller audiences or people who are looking to grow their audience. But Libsyn is one of the Best Podcast Website Examples in 2023.

8. Essie’s Hour of Love

Lovebirds and romance fans will love this podcast more.
This podcast features one-on-one interviews, and classic music from the 80s, 90s, and early 200s. It also refers to classic movies all in a bid to make listeners enjoy it.

So here you have it, the 8 best podcast platforms you can use. I will advise that before you make a choice, visit these websites, read reviews about them, and see if it fits what you are looking for.


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