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Course Overview

This course will teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Tailwind. You will learn how to create and style web pages, add interactivity to your pages, and use Tailwind to create beautiful and responsive designs.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Create and style web pages
  • Add interactivity to your pages
  • Use Tailwind to create beautiful and responsive designs

Course Outline

  • HTML
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Elements and attributes
    • Formatting text
    • Lists and tables
    • Images and links
    • Forms
  • CSS
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Selectors
    • Properties and values
    • Fonts and colors
    • Layout
    • Media queries
  • JavaScript
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Variables and expressions
    • Functions
    • Objects and arrays
    • Events
    • DOM manipulation
  • Tailwind
    • Introduction to Tailwind
    • Selectors
    • Classes
    • Utilities
    • Responsiveness


  • Weekly Projects
  • Final Project


  • No prerequisites are required for this course.


  • The instructor for this course is Ibidapo Ayomide. Ayomide has been teaching web development for over 3 years and has a wealth of experience in the field.


  • There is no textbook required for this course. All of the course materials will be provided online.

Additional Resources

  • There are a number of additional resources available to students in this course, including:
    • Online forums
    • Online tutorials

Certificate Grading

  • The certificate grant will be based on the following:
    • Attendance (20%)
    • Weekly Projects (20%)
    • Final Project (60%)

Course Schedule

  • The course will hold twice in a week 

Cancellation Policy

  • Students who cancel their registration for this course before the start of the semester will receive a full refund. Students who cancel their registration after the start of the semester will not be eligible for a refund.

Online Course Delivery

  • The course will be delivered online through a learning management system (LMS). The LMS will provide students access to all course materials, including lectures, readings, and assignments.
  • Students will be able to interact with the instructor and other students through the LMS. The LMS will also provide students with a forum where they can ask questions and get help from the instructor and other students.
  • The instructor will be available to answer student questions through the LMS and by email.

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