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How to Create a FAQ Page on Bubble

What is Bubble? is a no-code platform created in 2012 by Emmanuel Straschnov and Joshua Haas. This game-changing no-code web app builder allows users to create digital products without little or no coding knowledge. This tool has grown in popularity after it was accepted by various startups, developers, and businesses to help in building custom web applications. With Bubble, you can easily build web pages with no stress and in this video, I’ll show you How to Create a FAQ Page on Bubble.

Advantages of

Bubble has a lot of added advantages because even without coding skills, you could fully customize it, and it is easily understandable, thereby making it super easy to use. Here are a few more advantages of

  • Economical

Bubble is one of the most less expensive tools you can use to create an application. Rather than coding for weeks or months to create an app, you can use Bubble because you don’t need to know how to code or employ a web developer before you can access an app. Bubble makes your work faster and it’s less expensive.

  • Promote Productivity

Bubble enhances a high rate of productivity because it makes building an app faster. Since it doesn’t require coding, you can build an app on Bubble within hours or days depending on how fast and consistent you are. You don’t need to go through the process of getting a web developer before you can access an app of your own.

  • Unique System

Bubble is built up with unique templates and its visual programming makes it possible to build complex apps by clicking and dragging templates into their place.

You can create any app of your choice on Bubble, and the result of the app will come just the way you want it.

  • Highly Secured

Bubble is secured and they take their security as one of their major priorities. They provide tools that are popular for web online services, and you don’t need to worry your app is 100% percent secured as long as you follow the rightful guidelines when building your application.

Bubble has a privacy policy that helps you control those who access your data privacy rules. There are many security features on Bubble some of them are;

  • You can set a condition on who can view, search, and modify.
  • You can decide to create your own privacy rules
  • You can edit and change your password.

If you have a business idea and you want to implement your ideas by creating an app at a lower cost, don’t stress yourself too much because Bubble is the best tool for you. Bubble provides all the templates and uniqueness you need to build an application. And the most important thing that makes it special is that it’s cheap and highly secure.

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How to Create a FAQ Page on Bubble

An FAQ is a compilation of frequently asked questions that any potential user of your product might ask, or about the concerns they might have. It is super important to have a list of FAQs and their answers on your website, to avoid users getting confused or lost in their journey on your site.

1. Have a Design Ready:

Make sure you have a layout, a prototype, or wireframe of what the FAQ Page is going to look like before you start creating. You can design a simple FAQ Page interface with Adobe XD or Figma.

2. Configure your Database:

Create a Data Type, name it FAQ, and then add two fields.

  1. Question – Define as Text
  2. Answer – Define as Text

3. Make a Group:

Now, you are going to create a group under each question and call it “Group Answer”. Then make it invisible on page load and “collapse when hidden” should be checked. Make sure to repeat this for each question and answer group you want to design

4. Make them Dynamic:

Now, search for your “FAQ” data type, and for each question text, select the item (FAQ Number)

5. Fill in Answer and Questions

Fill in your database with questions and answers as they should appear on your FAQ Page. To do this, go to your database and type in each question and answer.

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Tips on Creating Pages on

  1. Before you start anything, you first need to understand the function of the app or website you’re developing, as this would enable you to understand the type of questions your users could ask. When this is fully comprehended, you can create a list of questions to add to this FAQ.
  2. You could either import your design into Bubble or use the Bubble layout editor to design your page on it. If you have any prior knowledge of basic coding, be it HTML and CSS alone, you could also add custom CSS code, although it’s not necessary. (Just a bonus).
  3. You could create a database and name it anything, then you need to add two Data Fields; one for questions and the other for answers.
  4. Fill in the already written down questions in number 1, inside the groups you created in number 3, and fill in their answers too. You can use any of these next you want to know How to Create a FAQ Page on Bubble.

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How to Create an FAQS on Bubble?

There are different ways to create FAQs on Bubble. Here are some tips you can follow;

  • Understand the function of the app or website you are creating
  • You can use the Bubble layout editor to create your page
  • Create two Data Fields, one will be for questions while one will be for answers.

How many questions should be in a FAQ?

There mustn’t be too many questions in FAQs, at least you can add 3 to 4 questions. And make sure the FAQs are short, informative, and answer what your user wants.

Is Bubble Secured?

Yes! Bubble is highly secured and they take their security as one of their major priorities. They have a lot of features or tools that can make you rest assured that you are safe using Bubble.


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