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How to Create a Gradient Mesh in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a raster design software that was developed in 1990 by Thomas and John Knoll. Over the years, Photoshop has grown into one of the world’s most used visual design and image editing applications. Here is How to Create Gradient Mesh in Photoshop [5 Easy Steps]

In this blog post, I will show you how to use a part of Adobe Photoshop and explain How to Create a Gradient Mesh in Adobe Photoshop.

How to Create a Gradient Mesh in Adobe Photoshop

Creating a Gradient Mesh in Photoshop is really easy, it takes a few processes, and it is fast and easy to create.

Step 1: Draw a Circle

  • After opening a new document in Photoshop by going to File and then selecting New.
  • Select the Ellipse (Circle) tool on the left-hand side of your Adobe Photoshop.
  • Draw three circles in different areas on your canvas
  • After that, head over to the properties tab, you can find it by going to Windows at the menu bar at the top of your Photoshop and then selecting Properties.
  • After opening the Properties tab, select each circle layer and change the colors of each to that of your choice. Tip: You can select a layer with your Move Tool.

Step 2: Creating a Smart Object

A smart object allows you to make a layer editable as its own document without having any effect on your current document. How to Create a Smart Object?

  • After applying your colour of choice to each circle, select the three layers.
  • Then right-click and select, Convert to Smart Object. This would make the layer of the circles editable and allow you to change the color of each circle anytime you want

Step 3: Applying Gaussian Blur

  • Go to Filter on your Photoshop menu bar
  • Select Blur Gallery and pick Gaussian Blur
  • An editor window will pop up and this will allow you to adjust the amount of blur. You can use 2 Pixels.
  • Next, click Ok to apply your blur

Step 4: Finishing your Gradient Mesh

  • Head over to Edit on your Menu Bar, and then click on Free Transform. (This allows you to resize and scale your layer. Shortcut: CTRL+T)
  • Hold your SHIFT key and drag one of the pointers on the angles and enlarge until the circle fills up the space.

Final Step: Saving your Gradient

You can easily save your Gradient Mesh in any file format by;

  • Go to File on the Menu Bar
  • Select Save a Copy
  • Now you can pick the file format and destination you want and click on Save.

To create a Gradient Mesh in Adobe Photoshop, you can follow this easy, editable, and fast method. Additionally, you can add more elements to your gradient mesh background to make it even more appealing. Watch the full tutorial on YouTube to know how to do that.




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