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How to Delete or Unsend Messages on Facebook Messenger

Launched on August 9, 2011, Messenger has become one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, with over 931 million users as of September 2023, according to BankMyCell. This messaging app created a more personal environment for Internet communication. Sometimes, even the best communication platform has trolls and people you would like to do away with, or probably a conversation you can’t bear reading again. In this post, I will explain How to Delete or Unsend Messages on Facebook Messenger.

How to Delete or Unsend Messages on Facebook Messenger

  • With your Computer or Mobile Device, open the messenger application or go to and login with your Facebook account credentials.
  • Find the chat or conversion you would like to delete a message from
  • Click and hold the message if you are using a mobile device. Hover on the message or right-click if you are using Messenger from a computer or on the web
  • Click “Unsend for all” after seeing a popup on your screen

It is essential to know that a message can only be removed after 10 minutes of sending the message

How to delete an entire conversation on Facebook Messenger

You might want to remove every conversation and discussion about a particular person on your Facebook Messenger; instead of deleting each message in the conversation one by one, you can delete the entire chat or conversation at once. Here is how to do it

On Mobile

  • Open your Facebook Messenger Application
  • Tap and hold the chat or conversation you would like to delete
  • Then, select “Delete” from the popup
  • A prompt will appear for you to confirm that you would like to delete the conversation.
  • Click on “Delete” again to clear the conversation entirely.

On Desktop

  • Open the Facebook Messenger Software
  • Look for the conversion you would like to delete
  • Right-click on it and select “Delete Conversation.”
  • Click on “Delete” again to confirm your selection.

It is important to note that you can’t recover a conversion after deleting it; the only way you can get it is to request for such a conversion from a second-party

Why can’t I remove or Unsend messages on Messenger?

One of the primary reasons you might not be able to delete or unsend a message after you’ve sent it is because the other party blocked you. You can send any other messages or do anything to the chat or conversation.

How long can you Unsend Facebook Messenger?

As mentioned earlier, you can only unsend a message on Facebook Messenger after 10 minutes of sending it. You can decide to unsend from everyone, which is helpful for messages in a group conversation, or you can choose to unsend from yourself.


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How to find messages quickly on Facebook Messenger

Sometimes, you’d want to walk through your past and visit your previous conversations to reminisce or check a few details. Instead of scrolling through hundreds or probably thousands of messages, you can decide to search for such messages. This method is straightforward; you only need to remember to search for a word from the message you seek. Here is how to search;

  • Open your Facebook Messenger Application
  • Tap on the chat or conversation you would like to search in
  • Select the “i” icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • Click on “Search.”
  • A search symbol will pop up on your screen, and you can start searching for whatever you are looking for
  • After searching, the results will appear highlighted, and you can use the arrow buttons to navigate to where your search terms have ever appeared in the chat.

Using these methods, you can make sure you use some of the hidden features of Facebook Messenger, especially those that can help you protect your privacy and keep your information safe.

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