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12 Must-Have Travel Apps for Exploring Taiwan

Is it time for your next vacation? And reward yourself for all your hard work or perhaps you can’t decide where your vacation destination should be. Then, I have the perfect suggestion for you. “Taiwan!” Traveling to a different country can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the language and culture. Fortunately, there are a couple of travel apps for Taiwan and here are the 12 Must-Have Travel Apps for Exploring Taiwan that can help you have a seamless trip and ultimately make the most of your time in Taiwan!

Taiwan is culturally rich with a magnificent heritage. A diverse and fascinating country, filled with lively cities and breathtaking natural landscapes. Without further hindrance, let us explore the best apps to make your Taiwan trip worthwhile. From navigation and translation apps to food and transportation apps. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or visiting Taiwan for the first time, these apps will help you navigate the country and tickle your excitement!

Must-Have Travel Apps for Exploring Taiwan

1. Google Maps

You don’t want to forget Google Maps, this is a must-have app for any traveler, and it’s especially useful as it allows you to download maps that can be accessed even in offline mode. This feature is especially great for travelers who don’t want to use their data or find it hard to get an internet connection while exploring Taiwan.

The app provides accurate and up-to-date information on public transportation, walking, and driving directions for both cars and motorbikes.

Even though Google Maps is exceptionally accurate with its directions across Taiwan, it can sometimes take you on a detour, but that can also be part of the adventure!

2. Google Translate

Mandarin is the de facto official language of Taiwan, and while most locals can speak some basic English, the language barrier in Taiwan can greatly impact your trip and limit your interactions with locals. The easiest way to avoid getting lost in translation is to download Google Translate to your phone. While you could easily use the text function, instantly scanning text with the camera function to translate it and the simultaneous speech translation function are other bonuses.

Make sure you set the translation to traditional Mandarin and not simplified Mandarin, which is used in China. Also, if you’re not going to buy a local sim card, make sure to download Chinese beforehand on the app so that you can translate without an internet connection.

3. Taiwan Railway

As you plan to navigate through Taiwan, you should know that Taiwan has an extensive railway network, which can be confusing for first-time visitors. Don’t be alarmed, the Taiwan Railway app can help you check timetables, train numbers, delays, traveling time, and ticket prices.

The app has a user-friendly interface, but you need to know exactly where you’re traveling from and which station you’re headed to. Nevertheless, that can easily be figured out with the help of Google Maps. Once you have the exact destination, go into the app and select your departure and arrival stations and date of travel. All the trains that travel on that specific day will pop up with their train numbers, duration, and cost.

The only drawback is that you cannot book train tickets on the app. With that said, it’s still a great planning tool and will undoubtedly come in handy if you’ve missed a train.

4. Tour Taiwan

Tour Taiwan was conceived and created by the local government and helps tourists like you navigate, to find restaurants, accommodation, police stations, and hospitals. You can also read the news, and find popular tourist sites, and festivals.

Some users have complained that it’s only available in Chinese (Mandarin) now. It should be available in English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese, at least according to various sources. But it is worth giving this application a try.

However, few parts of the application are available in English and some complain that the application is rather slow.

5. Uber

Uber is among the biggest taxi-hailing apps in the world that have managed to continue its operations in Taiwan. That’s not the case in Southeast Asian countries and in China where Uber decided to pull out due to fierce competition.

Whether you’re going from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei or just quickly want to get from A to B in the bigger cities, Uber is used widely among travelers who don’t want to hassle taking regular taxis or public transportation you can easily request a ride with the tap of a button. The great thing about Uber is that you’ll know exactly how much the ride will cost you upfront, and since you can easily connect it to your bank card, you won’t need to worry about carrying cash around with you.

Taxi fares are comparably cheap in Taiwan, at least compared to places like Singapore and Hong Kong. Thus, Uber can be a convenient choice if you’re in a rush or just a bit lazy.

6. Klook

To coordinate your activities during your vacation. If you’re looking for a great travel app that allows you to explore your options and book sightseeing tours, a must-do activity while in Taiwan, you’ll want to download Klook.

This awesome travel app offers an impressive variety of tours and experiences in Taiwan, from food tours and cultural activities to day trip excursions and even multi-day trips!

The astonishing part? The app also provides instant confirmation on selected bookings, and you can easily cancel or amend your booking if you make changes to your plans. You must endeavor to read the fine print carefully, as some excursions require a minimum number of participants to proceed.

7. Agoda

A dedicated platform, it is a must-have hotel booking app on your phone if you’re traveling in Taiwan, Agoda is just the app for the best accommodation deals.

Their prices are comparatively lower than other platforms like and Hotels Combined. The amazing part is, you won’t need to worry about hidden costs as the quoted price usually includes taxes.

Like other booking platforms, you can manage bookings right in the app and communicate with your hotel. You Must-Have Travel Apps for Exploring Taiwan

8. Go! Taipei Metro

You can’t go to Taiwan without visiting Taipei. To ensure your time in Taipei is hitch-free, you’re going to need the Go! Taipei Metro app.

It provides the entire route map of the Taipei metro system, but it also has a whole lot of added features to help you travel more easily. These include station exit information, schedules for the next train, transfer information for buses, parking, and even nearby YouBike stations. Another great feature is the journey planner, which helps you calculate the fastest route to your destination.

9. Line

Just as the use of Whatsapp is popular with most people around the world to communicate with friends and loved ones, Line is the go-to messaging app in Taiwan.

As with other communication apps, Line allows you to make voice and video calls and send voice notes or text messages. But, what sets Line apart from other messaging apps is that it has a host of amazing icons, animated stickers with sound, and even customizable templates that allow you to change the app’s background and display.

10. Uber Eats & Food Panda

Taiwan is a haven of sorts for food lovers! Therefore you should visit its famous night markets and sample as much as possible at local restaurants, eateries, and cafes. However, to fully enjoy your experience you will need help translating menus.

You don’t have to worry though, with just a few clicks Uber Eats and Food Panda takes care of this for you. By allowing you to order food from a myriad of restaurants and grocery stores. Both apps allow you to link your card to the app, so you never have to worry about having the exact amount for the driver.

11. Xe Currency Converter

When traveling to a different country, having a dedicated currency converter on hand is always the right way to go. It is essential to keep track of your finances.

The XE Currency Converter allows you to take the guesswork (and math) out, trying to figure out how much money you’re spending can be exhausting. The app does all of that for you and it is easy to use and converts exchange rates from roughly 130 currencies. This is one of the Must-Have Travel Apps for Exploring Taiwan.

12. YouBike 

YouBike is a public bicycle rental application, what’s better than traveling and keeping fit at the same time? The platform provides countless bicycles all over Taipei. Renting a bicycle can be a great choice if you want to see and explore more of Taipei and avoid spending excessively on transportation

It only costs NTD 10 (USD 0.32) to use YouBike for 30 minutes, thus, it allows you to save money at the same time as you get some good exercise. They have hundreds of stations and you can find bicycles within a short distance.

You can download the application on their website, Google Play, and in the Apple Store.

Traveling is a great way to blow off steam, calm the mind, find inspiration, and above all it helps you appreciate and tolerate other people and their culture. Therefore, a trip to Taiwan could be the life-changing adventure you’ve been waiting for, and with a little help from the travel apps mentioned above, you’ll easily navigate the cities, communicate with locals, find the best tours and get the best deals on places to stay!


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