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5 Sites for All Your Movie Trivia Needs

Looking to dive deep and explore the fascinating world of movies? Do you want to know about the best Sites for All Your Movie Trivia Needs. Are you curious about the inspirations behind a movie script, and its author maybe you are an aspiring scriptwriter or perhaps you wish to know the voice actors behind your favorite animated characters; you might also want to get the inside scoop and behind-the-scenes information. Look no further! Of all the things that the internet can offer us, none deserve more recognition than the truckload of information that you can easily find with it.

Wikipedia can only do so much for you, We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 websites that will fulfill all your movie trivia needs.  So if you are concerned and wish to know the fate of your favorite sitcoms, procedural dramas, and animated series, we have that too on this list. From insider information to casting choices and behind-the-scenes stories, these sites have it all.

These aren’t gossip sites on celebrity actors and actresses, but if something is happening to the character they play, the casting choices, or the development of the film or show they are in, you’re in the right place. So if you really want the good stuff, then you have to turn to these movie trivia websites.

5 Sites for All Your Movie Trivia Needs

1. NotStarring

Have you ever been curious about which famous actor turned down a role in your favorite movie? Or the casting choices made in certain movies? Or perhaps mused about what would have happened if the role went to someone else. For instance, did you know that among the actors who turned down the role of James Bond in Casino Royale (played by Daniel Craig) were Clive Owen and Sam Worthington. Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman. has all the spicy details of casting choices that could have changed the course of cinematic history as we know it.

2. IsMyShowCancelled

Have you ever watched a series and noticed that everything just ended rather abruptly, or you can’t make sense of those cliffhangers? Or you wish to find out if your beloved TV show has been canceled or renewed. Do you also want to find out when the last episode is airing in a concluded series, and if the series have been revived, as well as the ratings of your favorite show as pitted against another?

To get any answers to your burning questions as well as stay informed about the latest updates. IsMyShowCancelled? would be able to help you make sense of it all.

3. Behind the Voice Actor

Do you want to Find out who voiced your favorite animated characters? And uncover the talented voices behind your favorite animated characters. For instance, what does Bart Simpson, Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner all have in common? These are characters voiced by women! Voice actors are really talented and we usually don’t take note or rather we take them for granted. The flexibility with which they breathe life into our favorite animated characters. their voices speak volumes when it comes the time, efforts and emotions poured into the whole process and a true testament of their dedication.

Apart from their name at the end of the show, we can hardly make the connection between the character and the voice behind it, Behind the Voice Actor will help you do that. You can also find out how many characters in a show that were voiced by the same actor.

4. Movie Mistakes.

With every movie production involving film crews who have their own jobs and responsibilities and sometimes they mess up. Occasionally, these Movie Mistakes end up in the final cut. With Movie Mistakes you can Find these mistakes, bloopers and inside stories of what survived the editor’s cut.

Discover the hidden secrets that made their way into the final cuts of movies. This community-driven site showcases some of the most jaw-dropping and the downright face-palm moments in film history. If you are interested in things like this, you’d be glad to know that you are not alone. Have a look at the best of the best here.

5. Trailer Addict

If you love watching trailers, teasers and TV clips and featurettes, or Indulge in the excitement of upcoming movies and get a taste of the magic before the movies hit the big screen. Trailer Addict showcase trailers that help capture some of that magic in a small bite-sized package that movie lovers consume while waiting for their movies to hit the silver screen. Nowadays, you can even do that on your smartphone. Best of all, you also can find red band trailers, those that show too much to make it on mainstream media.

In a very few words, just like everyone in the 21st century that finds pleasure in movies or maybe occasionally, these amazing sites will provide you with all the movie trivia you’ll need. Who knows, maybe, you may just find some interesting questions to ask on your next game night. 


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